Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology
35th National Conference
Mangaluru - 2024

Nov 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2024

About Us

Mangalore, a coastal gem, is not only renowned for its picturesque landscapes but also serves as a thriving hub for education, boasting over eight esteemed medical and dental colleges in and around. Additionally, the city holds significant financial importance, with three national banks originating here. With excellent connectivity by road, rail, air, and port, Mangalore offers convenience to travellers. Surrounded by the sea on one side and the majestic Western Ghats on the other, it provides a vibrant backdrop for exploration. Known for its holy pilgrimage centres, pristine beaches, and lush hill stations, Mangalore offers a diverse range of attractions for visitors.

As a dental education hub, the city houses six prestigious Dental Colleges, including Postgraduate Programs in Oral Medicine and Radiology. Mangalore has proudly hosted the National Conference of the Indian Academy of Oral Medicine Radiology (IAOMR) in 1999, 2014, and now in 2024, each time introducing unique features to enhance the conference experience. This year, we're excited to offer special pre-conference courses aimed at fostering research thinking among postgraduates and staff. In addition, we're rolling out exciting conference packages tailored for international delegates, particularly those from the SAARC countries.

With a seasoned team of Oral Medicine specialists in Mangalore, delegates can anticipate an unparalleled conference experience. We extend a warm invitation to join us for this exceptional event, where you'll not only enjoy our renowned hospitality but also engage in enriching scientific discourse. Explore the charms of Mangalore, immerse yourself in its vibrant culture, and make lasting memories during your stay.

Welcome to the 2024 National Conference – we look forward to hosting you!